Bakery Santa Lulla, Orune

Ancient tradition

The artisan enterprise of Mrs. Maria Silvestra Sanna was born in 2009 in Orune with the aim of carrying on an ancient tradition hitherto cured only in the family.

The bakery is family-run and avails itself of the collaboration of 5 people who follow the bread-making process taking all the time and care required in traditional artisan production methods and offering the public a high-quality product to rediscover the flavors and fragrances of one time.

Flavors of the past

The attention to quality in the choice of raw materials, the research and diversification of the flavors of the traditional product, widens the range of products and involves the production of gluten-free products as well, using cornmeal, rice, legumes and Teff flour in the environment and with machinery totally segregated from those for the production of classic products.

A further modernization can be found in the aromatization of the product with aromas and spices that enhance the fragrance of the bread by offering unusual flavors and combinations that never fail to arouse the appreciation of the admirers.

The company presents its products in a simple and functional shrink wrap packaging.


From 135 g, 150 g, 250 g and other intermediate weights up to packs of 5 and 10 kg in the various assortments and flavors including:
• myrtle
• rosemary
• onion
• Origan
• paprika
• chili pepper
• garlic
• lemon and pink pepper


The shelf life is adequate for large-scale distribution and exports.



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