Farm Mula Laura Rimedia

The best horticultural products of the Sardinian tradition

The Ortolano Azienda Agricola di Laura Rimedia Mula, is a family-run company, was born in Orosei in 2003 with the idea of ​​enclosing the best horticultural products of the Sardinian tradition with a quality mark.

Orosei is a privileged place for what concerns the geographical and environmental characteristics. From the outset, there was considerable success in both local and international marketing.

For the conservation, the company only uses fruit and vegetables of direct agricultural production, transforming them into its own laboratory with artisan equipment until the creation and storage of the finished product.

The processing is mainly manual, very simple and follows the ancient traditions for the conservation of fruit and vegetables.

The production takes place mainly in the winter months following the seasonality of the products and then starting them for commercial distribution.

Shelf life is indicated in 24 months.

The products are packaged in glass jars and classifiable in:

• Pickles
• Compotes
• Creams
• Jams
• Jams

Preserves (350 gr)
• Artichokes
• Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil
• Fava beans
• Aubergines (with oregano)
• Extra virgin olive eggplants
(with oregano)
• Aubergines (with chilli pepper)
• Aubergines in extra virgin olive oil
(with chilli pepper)
• Zucchini
Composte (100 - 220 gr)
• Red onions
• Myrtle
Creme (100 - 190 gr)
• Artichokes (100 – 190gr)
• Broad beans (190 gr)
• Chili pepper (190gr):
extra spicy
Jams (100 - 220 gr)
• apricot extra
• extra figs
• extra figs and walnuts
• extra strawberries
• quince extra
• extra quinces and oranges
• extra quinces and myrtle
• extra quinces and ginger
• extra black mulberry blackberries
• extra peaches
• extra peaches and myrtle
• extra peaches and cinnamon
with brown sugar
Jams (220 gr)
• extra peaches and amaretti
• extra peaches and almonds
• extra plums
Jams (100 - 220 gr)
• Oranges
• Mixed citrus fruits
• Kumquat
• Lemon
• Lemon and ginger
• Mandarins
• Pompìa



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