Discover the flavors of an ancient land in the center of the Mediterranean


An island within an island. In the center of Sardinia ancient cultural and food and wine traditions are preserved, carried on by men and women in love and proud of their territory, their history and their knowledge.




From the heart of Sardinia, like an island within the largest island in the center of the Mediterranean. The companies of the innermost territories (Nuorese, Barbagia, Baronia and Ogliastra), network themselves to make their products and their food and wine traditions known.

An area made up of valleys, canyons and pristine forests, with the intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean scrub, mastic, myrtle, helichrysum and strawberry trees that enter you and never leave you.

Sardinia for Export, from an ancient land traditions and flavors, a perfect mix of the elixir of life.



12 Sardinian companies

del Nuorese, Ogliastra, Baronia and Barbagia, have decided to get together to make their products, their history and their territory known.

100% traditional products

The care of expert hands helps the land to produce the raw materials and ingredients of the traditional products of the Sardinia4Export companies. Entrepreneurs in love with their land and their history who wanted to invest in handing down and spreading centuries-old food and wine traditions.

Imprese locali

Territori della Sardegna


Forno Carasau

Confetture Azienda Agricola Mula Laura RImedia

Cantina sociale di Dorgali

Cantina Puddu, Oliena


Caseificio Debbene

GLMF biscottificio

Iris Nettare di Sardegna

Bottarga, New Fish

Licanias, Torrone di Tonara

Panificio Santa Lulla

Gli Eventi

10 – 14 Feb 2020

ProdExpo 2020

27° Esibizione Internazionale del cibo, bevande e materiale per gli alimenti.

08 Sep 2020

Educational Tours

I Buyers Russi visitano le imprese in Sardegna.

A Special Thanks to 

This project was carried out with a public contribution POR FESR SARDINIA 2014-2020 – Axis III – Action 3.4.1 – Implementing provisions “Promotion in foreign markets in favor of mixed partnerships – Notice II” – Department of Industry. Concession in favor of the “Sardinia 4 Export” grouping of companies, proposing Confartigianato Imprese Nuoro Ogliastra.