Dulhes di Fabio Muscau

From Orgosolo

Dulhes is a young reality made of enthusiasm and passion for its work.

The company, born in 2014 in Orgosolo, in the province of Nuoro in the area called Barbagia, exclusively produces Torrone di Orgosolo and Aranzada in the form of snacks sealed individually in the format usually used for energy bars.

Enthusiasm and passion

The goal of the founder, Fabio Muscau, is to create a good and genuine product according to tradition, but at the same time comfortable and portable.

Production takes place entirely within the Company’s laboratory including the packaging phases.

The raw materials sought, the attentive study, the manual processing as much as possible are considered by the Company as its own special ingredients. All products, without added sugar, are free of preservatives and gluten but rich in taste and balanced from a nutritional point of view. Shelf Life is 12 months.

Honey, dried fruit, orange peel, are some of the natural ingredients used for the production of snacks.

Aranzada snack

Natural bar with orange zest, honey and almonds
Aranzada is one of the typical sweets of central Sardinia, and especially of the area called Barbagia.
A healthy and genuine product at the same time very tasty, suitable for all occasions. Thanks to the convenient 25 gr “snack” packs, it can be transported and consumed during sports, work and leisure, but also as a dessert.

The ingredients of the aranzada, consisting of Almonds, Honey, Orange Peel and sugar (in small quantities), are natural and genuine and provide an excellent and balanced nutritional contribution.

Weight: 25g

Ingredients: Honey, orange peel, almonds, sugar

Gluten-free: Gluten-free product, suitable for coeliacs

Torrone nougat snack

Natural bar with honey and almonds

Orgosolo nougat with almonds, made according to tradition.

A healthy, genuine, very tasty product, suitable for all occasions, thanks to the convenient 25 gram “snack” packs, it can be transported and consumed during sports, work and leisure but also as a dessert.

The nougat ingredients, consisting of honey, almonds, egg white, potato starch wafer, are natural and genuine, providing an excellent and balanced nutrient supply.

Weight: 25g

Ingredients: Almonds, honey, egg whites, potato starch host

Gluten-free: Gluten-free product, suitable for coeliacs

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