IRIS sasdi Crudu Costantino

Sardinian nectar

IRIS sas was founded by Mr. Costantino Crudu, in Olbia, treasuring a consolidated tradition in the production of high quality digestives and liqueurs.

From a simple complement to its restaurant business, given the growing popularity, it was decided to transform the old passion into a real business.

Its products have been awarded with special mentions for Sardinian excellence by the “Sardinia Food Award”.



Until the most recent awards of the “Sardinia Food Festival” with the special mention of 2017 and 2018 and the first prize of the liqueur category in 2019 with increasingly exciting and positive results over time.

By patenting “Lemon Myrtle”, a myrtle-based liqueur with lemon flavoring, it is highly appreciated by both foreign and Italian visitors.

The infusion and mixing method, strictly manual, and the highest quality raw materials used, guarantee the creation of an excellent product.

The three most popular liqueurs are White Myrtle, Lemon and Rocket Cream, Amaretto di Sarule.

The packs can refer to 500 ml “Giulietta” type bottles, 100ml “Venere” type bottles and 200 ml triangular ones.

Liqueurs derived from local fruit, plants and berries:


28 ° liqueur
The production of traditional or “white” myrtle is obtained not from leaves but from rare white berries

Lemon Myrtle

28 ° liqueur

Amaretto di Sarule

28 ° liqueur

Pompìa cream

28 ° liqueur

Helichrysum cream

28 ° liqueur

Prickly pear

28 ° liqueur

Ginger and mint

28 ° liqueur

Chocolate, Apple, Orange Cream

(called After 8)

Watermelon cream

Rocket and Lemon Cream

Strawberry and Lemon Cream

Licorice cream



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